Spectral for Circle CI

Integrating with CircleCI is as simple as downloading Spectral and running a scan in your test or build scripts.

First, grab your DSN from the SpectralOps platform, and set up your DSN in CircleCI Secrets Store as SPECTRAL_DSN.

Here's an example configuration of Spectral on CircleCI:

version: 2
- image: circleci/node:latest
- checkout
- run: curl -L "https://get.spectralops.io/latest/x/sh?dsn=$SPECTRAL_DSN" | sh
- run: $HOME/.spectral/spectral scan

We cryptographically sign our binaries. However, you might prefer downloading the Spectral binary and storing it in your own artifact store periodically, then, you can pull from your own store in your CI workflows.

With Spectral integrated, your builds should now look like this:


Use spectral scan --ok if you wouldn't like to break builds. It's common to use this mode when you're ramping up your discovery of issues, or when you have a different kind of security workflow.